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Matthew & Mischke Weinreb, uncle and niece.

We are both romantics and are passionate about our imagery.

We film and photograph internationally and have won awards for our work, indeed there are some eleven books of Matthew’s work in circulation.


Mischke is the video side of our combo, and runs around filming, creating happiness and joie de vivre wherever she goes. She is an artist both in capturing all the tiny beautiful moments that make a day memorable, and also in the painstaking creative process of editing and post production. You will want to watch and share the film she makes for you over and over again. See more at moviesbymischke.eu


Matthew takes the stills. He is considered, careful.. absolutely not bossy, but very aware and always full of joy. Cartier Bresson described the moment of taking a photograph as ‘l’instant décisif’. This is of prime importance when photographing weddings. Matthew remains discrete but is a master at capturing those elusive moments, the fractions of a second when magic is made. His imagery is timeless and he will produce an unsurpassable record of your special day

As you can see from the lovely words of our couples,

we establish a warm link with the people who choose us to capture their very special day.

We consider it our privilege to be chosen for your wedding, and we take great care to ensure that you will love the imagery we make and that you will enjoy having us around on your wedding day.

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